Property Valuation

We provide insight that digital appraisal platforms and other tools cannot – an experienced set of eyes from experts who factor all the variables needed to evaluate your commercial and income property the right way.

It pays to work with commercial experts

Determining the approximate market value of your investment property is a process we take with great care and thoughtful consideration.

We review and analyze many different factors that determine value, which include:

In Depth Financial Analysis
Our experts perform an in-depth financial analysis of your investment property, taking into consideration Gross Income, Net Operating Income (NOI), Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) and Cap Rate and compare with recent sales data.

Location Overview
The location and surrounding area of your commercial property is key. This is where our local experience and “ears to the ground” knowledge becomes invaluable to our clients.

Building Size
Individual metrics, such as price per square foot, are key in our process of evaluating your property. These metrics vary based on building size and type of property such as Mixed-Use, Multifamily, Office, Retail, or Industrial.

Tenant Profile
We carefully review your tenant profile, current lease terms, vacancy rate and future upside. These details make all the difference on how your property is valued.

Comparable Sales
An in-depth analysis of recent sales and active Commercial properties for sale in San Francisco allows our experts to accurately gauge your property value.

Supply and Demand
Specific property supply and buyer demand is an important factor in value but often overlooked. We are constantly tracking this data and as highly active agents, we really have the pulse on the supply and demand in the San Francisco market.

Value-Add Potential
We analyze your property not only for what it is, but what it can be. We study and evaluate the potential, crafting a narrative to determine the highest and best use.

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